How to Shop for Seasonal Decorations

From pumpkins to cardboard turkey cut-outs to a small evergreen, seasonal decorations are always a smart choice to make Phoenix apartments look a little more festive. Plus, it can help you feel genuine excitement in anticipation of all the fun parties and gatherings to come. The holidays give everyone a chance to forget about the standard stresses…

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Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

It’s time to celebrate fall! Okay, so it may not quite feel like fall in Phoenix, AZ apartments, but you can still get into the spirit of the season. Not quite sure how to? Just try a few of these handy and pretty fall decorating ideas. Get Cozy With a Plaid Throw Blanket This is such an easy and…

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Tips for Staying Healthy in Your Apartment This Fall

You’ve spent months searching apartments in Phoenix, eager to find the right one. Now you’re getting all settled in and you couldn’t be happier. Even though Phoenix doesn’t experience fall the way many other parts of the country do, this is still prime germ season. The temps will drop, especially at night, making colds and flu more prevalent.…

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Rustic Decorating Tips

In the Phoenix, Arizona, area, the Element Deer Valley apartments offer the perfect environment for raising your family or downsizing to a home that is easier to manage. When decorating your new home, you need to find a style you like. You can bring the beauty of the Arizona landscape inside by using a rustic…

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Simple and Tasty Salad Dressing Recipes

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to enjoy a diet that is both healthy and delicious. The key to making health-conscious meals that appeal to your taste buds is being innovative and creative. For example, if you're constantly eating boring salads, consider spicing things up with a new dressing. Here are a few simple…

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4 All-Natural Teas That May Improve Health

All-natural teas reportedly provide wonderful health benefits. We hope our Element at Deer Valley community members in Phoenix, Arizona, find this information about teas helpful. Chamomile Tea May Do More Than Calm You Down This all-natural herbal tea has been widely touted for its calming effects. Studies indicate that chamomile may have far greater health…

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