White Walls? How to Effectively Add Color to Your Apartment

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White walls are generally the standard in Phoenix apartments, and it can be difficult to redesign a space that features bland, vanilla walls. Changing things up and adding color are easy to do without jeopardizing your security deposit. Here are some tips to help you add pops of color and make your mark on your new apartment. 

Turn Your Walls Into a Canvas 

Showcase your personality by using your white walls as a canvas for your own personal style. Go all out with your furniture, fixtures and accents. Of course, you can work with the white and go for a monochromatic palette, but why not add pops of color? Treat your blank walls as a showcase for your personal style. 

Go Bonkers for Books 

Adding bookshelves that feature a wide array of books is an easy way to add color to your interior. It’s a great way to display your favorite authors. Not a big reader? Hit up your local thrift store and pick up some books for cheap. Look for covers that reflect the color scheme in your room design. 

Show Off Your Art 

Whether you have original paintings, prints, framed photographs or sculptures, having a white backdrop will make your art sing. Don’t have any art? Why not showcase collections you have of records, CDs or personal collectibles? Anything with a pop of color can be presented as art. 

Go for Green 

Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than plants. Tuck a plant into corners around furniture, or make a statement with a large indoor tree. A small group of cacti will brighten your desk. A little herb garden will and a punch of color to your kitchen. 

Play With Light 

Use LED tube lighting to define spaces. Install them under cabinets or below your ceiling molding to highlight works of art and just generally give your Phoenix apartment a warm glow. Keep your windows open if you have a great view of the Arizona skyline.  

Designing a space that is fun, fresh, colorful and fascinating is easy if you use your blank walls to your advantage. Check out the Element at Deer Valley apartments today to find a blank canvas you can use to create your own colorful living space. 

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