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During winter, you’re not limited to decorating your apartment for the holidays only. You can decorate your home with seasonal touches to add warmth and cheer throughout winter. Use the following tips to give you some ideas as to how you might want to dress up your apartment this season.

Decorate with silver 

Silver gives homes an elegant wintery look for the season. Consider adding accent pieces, such as silver vases or candles, to your home. For your dining room table, you can use silver napkin rings and a silver centerpiece to add this color to your apartment. If you don’t have anything silver to decorate with, you can make your own decor items. Spray-paint glass jars to make silver vases for your home.

Add seasonal throw pillows and blankets

Placing throw pillows and blankets in seasonal colors, such as deep greens, reds or blues, on your living room furniture can make this room look cozier and inviting. You can experiment with different textures for pillows and blankets to add more visual appeal to your apartment as well. If you prefer lighter winter colors, consider adding pillows and blankets in white, silver or a creamy off-white shade.

Get an area rug

If you don’t have an area rug in your living room or bedroom, adding one can change the look of this room while also making your floor warmer in winter. The size and shape of the area rug to get depends on where you’re putting it and what kind of furniture you have. For example, a rectangular area rug works well next to beds, and large, square rugs tend to be suitable for living rooms.

Hang lighted garland strands

If you have these up for the holidays, you can just leave them up. If not, consider hanging lighted strands of garland in white and silver around your home. These strands can make rooms look more cheerful and brighter during winter, especially when it gets dark out earlier.

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