5 Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

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Have you been searching for a gift for someone who enjoys running? Then check out our mini guide for five unique gift ideas for the avid runners in your life. 


During the winter, it can be hard for a runner to exercise when it's still light outside. But running in the dark can be dangerous. There may be obstacles on the trail that could cause a runner to trip, and drivers may not be able to see a person who is jogging across a street or on the side of a road. That's why a headlamp can be a godsend for a runner. The best headlamps will be lightweight and should feature an adjustable light, so you can direct the beam where needed. 

Gift Certificate for a Massage

Runners often develop tight, sometimes painful knots in their muscles. Show that runner in your life a little love by giving them a gift certificate for a well-deserved massage. 

Foam Roller

If you can't afford a gift certificate for a massage, consider purchasing a foam roller so your runner can perform their own do-it-yourself massage on their tight muscles.  

Race Bib Album

Do you know a runner who participates in a large number of competitions? Then gift them with a race bib album. An album is an excellent way to keep old bibs organized. And if the competitor writes their time on each bib, the album also becomes an excellent way for them to keep track of their progress as a runner. 

Gift Certificate to a Restaurant

If you know your runner will be attending a marathon or other competitive run in the near future, consider purchasing a gift certificate for a restaurant that serves pasta near the location of the event. 

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