4 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Tidier

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Bathrooms can become dirty fast — especially if you’ve got several people in your apartment. In this room of your apartment especially, it can be difficult to keep up with the mess over time, which means you’re often left doing a four-hour-long marathon clean twice a year!

These tips will help you keep your bathroom consistently cleaner and tidier — it’s a breeze!

1. Create a laundry system

As most disrobing for bathing will happen in the bathroom, it’s useful for you to have your laundry hamper there. Depending on whether or not you have other people in your household, figuring out a system will be beneficial. 

For one, you can purchase a two-section laundry basket and each person takes a section. Alternatively or in addition, you can section your laundry by color (darks and lights).

2. Keep microfiber towels on hand

Microfiber towels are excellent at picking up dust and dirt that can accumulate on various bathroom surfaces. They’re also great because they’re washable. Use them daily (a quick swipe of the countertops or sink fixtures just takes a second), then toss them in the laundry after each use, and you won’t be wasting paper towel.

3. Have a place for everything

Hairbrushes, toothbrushes, face wash, and other bathroom tools and accessories all need to have a place. Whether that’s in drawers, a cupboard, or another storage location, it doesn’t matter; what’s important is that you make sure everything you’ll be using regularly is on hand but able to be put away quickly and easily as well. 

4. Keep cleaning materials beneath the sink

Beneath the sink, put your favorite cleaning supplies. Most of all, you’ll want to add window cleaner, countertop cleaning spray, toilet bowl cleaner, and a toilet cleaning brush. These are the main products you’ll need for a quick “deep clean” of your bathroom when you need it. You can also keep some surface wipes beneath the sink for extra messes that don’t require actual cleaning spray.

The bathrooms in our Phoenix, AZ apartments are well appointed and easy to clean and organize to your liking. The living area, bedrooms, and kitchens are the same! See which floor plans are still available by giving our office a call today. 

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