3 Fun Ways to Exercise at Home

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You don't have to spend a lot of money on a gym membership when you live at an apartment complex that has its own fitness center. At Element at Deer Valley apartments in Phoenix, Arizona, you can get all the exercise you need without leaving the complex.

Whether you go to the gym on a regular basis or not, you can always find ways to exercise at home. Most people look at exercise as a chore they have to do. Instead, make your exercise time fun and exciting!

Include the kids

Include the kids when you exercise. Take them on walks around the complex and show them the different plants. If you like to do yoga or Pilates, have the kids do the exercises with you. Letting the kids exercise with you sets a good example that they will continue to follow.

Make your vacuum your dance partner

Cleaning your home will always be fun if you dance while you vacuum. Stretch to dust the hard to reach places. Crank up the music and spin your vacuum cleaner across the floor. Before you know it, your house will be clean and you will get the exercise you need to burn off unwanted calories.

Stretch it out

One of the best ways to maintain flexibility is to stretch. Stretch as often as you can. If you are relaxing at home, or even if you are at work, stand up at your chair, raise your arms over your head and stretch as far as you can. Stretch from side to side and reach as far as possible. Stretching not only improves circulation, it also improves both range of motion and flexibility.

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