5 Reasons You Should Have an Aloe Plant

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Phoenix, Arizona, has an amazing climate. The sun shines almost all year long, which means plenty of vitamin D for your body. Unfortunately, if you love the sun, chances are that you’ve had at least one sunburn. Sunburn damages your skin, but it’s also painful. If you’ve been wishing you could get some relief from sunburn, you’re in luck. Aloe vera is an ideal solution. But aloe vera can be hard to find in stores. Don’t worry. In your Phoenix apartments, you can keep your own unlimited supply of aloe vera. All you need is a healthy aloe plant. Once you have the aloe plant, you can use the aloe from it to soothe your sunburn. Here are more reasons to have an aloe plant.

1. Makeup Remover

The aloe in your aloe plant is a great natural makeup remover. Just put some on a clean cotton pad and wipe away every bit of foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc. 

2. Face Cleanser

Aloe juice can also be used to clean your skin. It moisturizes as it removes all the dirt and grime off your skin, and it’s gentle enough to use morning and night. 

3. Smoothie Ingredient

Add aloe vera juice from your aloe plant to your smoothies. The aloe contains a number of vitamins and minerals that help support good health. 

4. Sanitizer

Do you enjoy having clean hands? If so, you’ll love using aloe vera as a hand sanitizer whenever you want to quickly freshen up. 

5. Teeth Cleaner

Aloe vera gel contains antibacterial compounds that can work to help keep oral bacteria at bay. Aloe vera gel can’t replace ADA-approved toothpaste, but it can be used as supplemental oral hygiene.

How to Remove the Aloe Vera from the Plant

If you’ve never harvested aloe vera gel from the plant, it can seem daunting. It’s actually pretty easy, however. Simply cut off a tip from a leaf, about four inches down. Next, slit the leaf vertically to reveal the inside of the plant. You’ll see several pustules, each of which contains the aloe vera gel. If you pop the pustules with your finger, you’ll release the gel. 

If you’d like to see what a fantastic environment the Phoenix apartments are for growing plants, please contact us for a personal tour.

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