Tips for Staying Healthy in Your Apartment This Fall

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You’ve spent months searching apartments in Phoenix, eager to find the right one. Now you’re getting all settled in and you couldn’t be happier. Even though Phoenix doesn’t experience fall the way many other parts of the country do, this is still prime germ season. The temps will drop, especially at night, making colds and flu more prevalent.

If you want to stay healthy in your apartment this fall, follow these handy tips.

Stock up on Soap

If you don’t have a bar of soap or liquid soap in abundance in your apartment, stock up. You’ll want to wash your hands when you come home from being out. If guests come over, you should encourage them to wash their hands as well.

Hand sanitizer is convenient to have, but it doesn’t kill as many germs as good, old-fashioned soap and water do.

Clean up Your Space

A clean apartment is a happy apartment. Germs can linger for days, one day for the flu and up to seven for the common cold. With a disinfectant, spray and/or wipe down all doorknobs, handles, and other frequently touched surfaces. You should also get into the habit of cleaning your phone, as this is a huge germ hub!

Get Plenty of Sleep

To ward off sickness, your immune system needs to be at its best. If you’re not getting enough sleep every night, you’re only serving to weaken immune health. You should also eat nutritiously and try to keep your stress down so your immune system is running at its peak. This way, even if you do come across someone else who’s sick, hopefully you can fight off the illness.

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