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In the Phoenix, Arizona, area, the Element Deer Valley apartments offer the perfect environment for raising your family or downsizing to a home that is easier to manage. When decorating your new home, you need to find a style you like. You can bring the beauty of the Arizona landscape inside by using a rustic theme. Rustic themes are an ideal choice if you love the look and feel of the outdoors.

Accentuate Nature

Accentuate nature by including decor made of natural wood and stone. From large area rugs with a native pattern to a large potted cactus in the corner, there are several ways you can embrace the rustic look. Metal objects and repurposed furniture pieces can also be used to make your apartment look rustic and natural. If you are crafty, find a few pieces of furniture or an end table or two. You can paint them or sand them down to their bare wood and apply a coat of finish. Mason jars can be used to organize items on a shelf or to hold kitchen utensils.

Choose Your Colors

If you are choosing a rustic theme, natural colors are often the key to tying it all together. Deep greens, blues, maroons and browns that are complemented with pale tans and grays can bring out the uniqueness of your decor and accentuate the furniture you've chosen. Rustic decor is ideal for homes and apartments that have large windows that flood the rooms with natural lighting. The right color scheme will bring out the best in the rustic decor you've chosen.

At Element Deer Valley apartments in Phoenix, Arizona, you can make your home in the middle of a desert oasis. Call the complex office and schedule an appointment so you can tour the grounds or look over the floor plans of your new home! There are several to choose from, so you can have the home you've always dreamed of. The sooner you call, the sooner you can move in!

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