4 All-Natural Teas That May Improve Health

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All-natural teas reportedly provide wonderful health benefits. We hope our Element at Deer Valley community members in Phoenix, Arizona, find this information about teas helpful.

Chamomile Tea May Do More Than Calm You Down

This all-natural herbal tea has been widely touted for its calming effects. Studies indicate that chamomile may have far greater health benefits than just steadying your nerves.

At least one study showed that drinking chamomile tea before bed helped to improve restful sleep for 80 women. They also reportedly saw a reduction in postpartum depression. Insomnia sufferers made modest gains in restful sleep when drinking chamomile tea twice daily. Chamomile may help with bowel function and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint Tea May Help Digestion

Ranked among the more popular herbal teas, peppermint has been found to improve a variety of health measures. Studies say that peppermint benefits the digestive tract and may act as an antioxidant against diseases such as cancer. It has also been considered effective for relieving stomach irritability and nausea.

Ginger Tea May Ramp Up Immune System

Tea drinkers just love the spicy flavor of a hot, all natural ginger beverage. Aside from its wonderful taste, ginger teas may be doing far more good than you realize.

While many tea drinkers rely on ginger to stave off nausea, it has been widely considered an excellent antioxidant that helps the body combat infectious diseases. Research has also indicated that it works to reduce inflammation while ramping up the immune system.

Studies point to ginger tea as a resource to impede ulcers, help with constipation and lower the pain and discomfort associated with menstruation.

Hibiscus Tea May Improve High Blood Pressure

The colorful pink-red flowers of the hibiscus plant are lovely to look upon. They make a flavorful and tart warm or cold tea beverage as well. Along with its bold color and taste, hibiscus tea provides health benefits, according to research. Several studies have indicated that hibiscus tea and extract can reportedly have a positive impact on high blood pressure. Others point to hibiscus tea consumption as a way to help lower stress levels in athletes.

As more studies are conducted, tea drinkers may be pleased to know that their beverage of choice is a good one.

We hope our Element at Deer Valley community members find this tea information helpful. If you or a friend would like more information about our Phoenix apartments, call us today.

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