Keeping Your Cat Happy and Entertained

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Although cats spend a good part of their day sleeping, they do need regular physical activity and stimulation. When cats get bored, this can lead to behavioral problems, such as scratching up furniture and other household items. You can make sure that your cat stays happy and active with the following tips. 

Set Aside Playtime

No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure that you set aside playtime with your cat. Whether you play right after work or before you go to bed, you should grab a toy or two and spend time with your cat. Have your cat chase after a feather wand toy that you’re holding, or see if he’ll chase after a toy mouse or a favorite toy. If your cat tends to get hyper at night when you’re trying to sleep, playing before bedtime is a good idea. This helps him burn off energy, so he’ll be less likely to run and jump around during the night. 

Get a Cat Tree

Cat trees offer great ways to keep cats entertained. These items give cats a chance to climb and maneuver around, so they won’t do so on your furniture or cabinets. Place a cat tree near a window to give your cat a view of the outdoors for added stimulation. Keep in mind that many cat trees also serve as scratching posts, so your cat can sharpen his claws on those surfaces instead of your sofa. You can find cat trees in a wide range of designs and setups. Some are simple with two or three shelves for cats to sit on, while others have tunnels and other areas for cats to explore.

Rotate Cat Toys

Leaving cat toys around can help your cat stay entertained when you’re not home. However, your cat might get bored with the same toys around. You can prevent this by switching up the cat toys that you leave out in your home. Every so often, put out a few new toys for your cat to play with, and put the rest away for another time. 

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