Managing Traffic in a Cozy Apartment

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When residents entertain guests in their Phoenix apartments, people naturally form knots around food and drink and seating areas. Use this to your advantage to keep pathways open. For instance, you can place the bar supplies on a console, your meal or snacks on the main table, and dessert in the kitchen. This breaks up the space and helps prevent a bottleneck.

Add in Extra Seating or Tables

Chances are your apartment doesn’t have a table that fits 12. Instead, use ottomans and poufs to double as seating. If you have a piano bench, you can use it to make your friends comfortable. Get creative with pillows and stacked blankets for extra places around the coffee table. You can even borrow chairs from the neighbors.

Maximize Serving Space

You can maximize your serving space with a smaller table. Then, go vertical with the food and snack trays. For example, cake stands and tiered platters let you put out more food. You can also creatively stack cookies and sandwiches and let the organized bounty double as a centerpiece.

Multipurpose Furniture and Creative Storage

Use furniture placement to set up areas for smaller groups to chat. If the main area of the apartment is large enough, sofas, tables and even rugs double as room dividers. This is a great way to separate areas for a cozy feel while still keeping the space open and airy.

Get an ottoman with storage for the ultimate multipurpose item that keeps books and games safe, doubles as seating, and is easy to move out of the way.

To keep clutter out of the common areas, multipurpose furnishings like beds with drawers underneath provide extra storage. Even though it’s a good idea to put away most of your belongings, open shelving lets you display pretty dishes and other stuff you don’t mind showing off. They’re also easier to find.

How you move through the apartment should influence your furniture placement. Your living space feels even more open when you can easily navigate through each area. Enjoy your apartment even more with great organization and inventive ideas. Space-saving strategies will vary based on your floor plan, and you can call our office today to which the exciting layouts are still available at Element at Deer Valley.


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